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1st Edition of the European Technology Forum 4 Sustainable Democracy

Thursday, April 21st 2022 @University of Luxembourg


Every citizen shall have the right to participate in the democratic life of the Union.

Article 10
European Treaty

Europe from space

I want Europe to strive for more in nurturing, protecting and strengthening our democracy. I want Europeans to build the future of our Union. They should play a leading and active part in setting our priorities and our level of ambition.

President Ursula Von Der Leyen


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What is collective intelligence?

Collective Intelligence encompasses both collective and collaborative intelligence: a form of universally distributed intelligence, constantly enhanced, coordinated in real-time, and in the effective mobilization of skills.

The School of Collective Intelligence of the Mohamed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco defines Collective Intelligence as the ability of groups of people (teams, organizations, societies, etc.) to outperform individuals in learning, decision-making, problem-solving, prediction, and other cognitive skills.

This natural phenomenon can be described as the capacity to share information effectively and solve complex problems as a group; where collective performance can surpass individual interests to act in favor of the Common Good of society.

Diagram - European Collective Intelligence

We believe in the sum of 1+1=3 and the accomplishment of profitable results at a large scale through Collective Intelligence in the condition that this Intelligence is coordinated efficiently with a collaborative dynamic.

Why do we need collective intelligence?

To adapt all actors  that make the society of today: institutions, citizens, civil society organizations, as well as private and public organizations to increasing complexity;

To sustain trustful relationships and common purpose by reinventing new models of thinking and suggesting new community organizing strategies, which trigger the change and concrete results;

To create sustainable and impactful ecosystems, that bring many forms of collective intelligence to solve together the challenges of an increasingly connected world. 

Ruche abeilles collective intelligence

Who we are


ETICC is a non-profit Civil Society Organisation (CSO) founded in June 2019 by a group of European citizens from Luxembourg, acting as a European citizen think & action tank.


ETICC brings together citizens and organizations that promote the Open Government principles (OGP): transparency, citizen participation, and collaborative governance.

With whom

ETICC is composed of a wide variety of citizens: project leaders, associations, start-ups (CivicTech), citizen groups, officials, researchers, entrepreneurs, journalists, etc.


The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a multilateral and international initiative launched in 2011 by 8 countries: the USA, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Norway, the Philippines, and United Kingdom. It is a platform to reinforce the link between institutions and civil society organizations and to develop initiatives that promote transparency, citizen participation, and collaborative governance. Luxembourg joined the OGP Community in December 2016 and finalized his first national action plan in 2018. 

ETICC is the structure that will host the European CivicTech Hub project, which is the commitment n°5 of the Luxembourgish OGP national action plan.

What we do

We build different sustainable ecosystems with local and European partners related to CivicTech.

We advocate for a fully embraced and better-leveraged Technology for the Common Good.

We develop European Collective Intelligence Tools for an inclusive democracy inside and outside of Europe.